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Personalised Products - create your perfect gift

At Eliziain Elements we have created a range of personalised products. 

We know there are times when you want a gift with a special message. Whether it’s to a loved one or a special family member there are times you just want to say something unique.

Our range of personalised products allow you the freedom to think up and add your own message. Whether it is for Valentine’s day, a birthday or Mother’s day we have a special personalised product. 

Why not tell us what you want to say and we will try and incorporate it into a product. 

Valentine's Day personalised product

How would you like to send a message to you Valentine that will last and last? Cards get pushed to the back of a draw and flowers eventually get thrown out. Whereas a ceramic gift will last and last so your loved one can see your thoughts for ever. 

At Eliziain Elements we have created a lovely ceramic postcard where you can add your own personalised message. Why not click across to our Etsy shop to see more Valentine’s Day products. 


These postcards are 5.5cm by 8.2cm so we can add up to 8 words. As the product is handmade from clay please give allow us time to produce these products to order. 

Fill out our form below to specify your requirements. 

Newborn personalised baby products

We have a very special product to celebrate the birth of a new baby. This plaque can be personalise with the baby’s name.

Baby boy personalised plaque

We can produce products for girls and boys to celebrate that special day. See these products at our Etsy shop. 

Please fill in our form below to tell us what you need. 

Personalised messages on ceramic products

Our design team have also been creating products with inspiring messages. Why not gift a present to boost a friend or colleague?

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