Mother’s Day gifts

Mother's day gifts
Personalised gifts to treasure

Mother’s day – it can be so difficult to find a special present. Everything in the shops look the same and quite clearly mass produced. Our jewellery designer has created a range of products with a personal touch. Indeed if you would like a fully personalised product please click here.

Mother's Day gifts for family members

Eliziain Elements are pleased to release a range of products for named family members. We realise that children will want send gifts to the mother and grandmother so we have a range of products to cover all needs. We have chosen a range of word from mum and mom to mother to cater for everyone. So there should be product that fits for your family. 

Have a look at the images below or click here to go to our Etsy handmade shop.

A range of Mother's Day products

We know that families use different names for mother and grandmother. As a result our range of products has various options to appeal to most people. 

All of the products are handmade from ceramic. The flowers are formed from clay before being attached to the pendant. During the firing process the flowers are fused into the pendant body to make a robust item. 

Similarly we have created a set of wall plaques to compliment our jewellery products. These items are slightly larger and contain a message to make your mother’s day very special. 

Were to buy our Mother's Day gifts

Eliziain Elements operate a five star rate Etsy shop.

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