Handmade gifts and ceramic jewellery products

Our handmade gifts

Our handmade ethos

Eliziain Elements has been created to cater for customers who are looking for handmade gifts that are unique, and above all is nothing like mass produced shop bought products. Are you looking for something made by hand that will make a statement?

Eliziain Elements have that special gift for you. It has been said our products tell a story and speak to the owner. That is to say it is this intimacy of design that comes through in our products. If you buy one of our products you will own so much more than a piece of handmade ceramic jewellery,  moreover it will be a work of art that is unique and special to you. All of our handmade gifts and products are made in our studio in London, UK. 

Are you struggling to find handmade products that create interest every time you wear them? Then look no further.

Handmade gifts showing building process of to make jewellery

Our design vision

As a ceramicist and jewellery maker I design products that offer you the aesthetic and beauty. Wouldn’t you expect nothing less from handmade gift that is a work of art? In addition our designs incorporate functionality and durability. Therefore, I personally test everything to ensure to design sits well and works as a piece of handmade ceramic jewellery. As a result the piece of artwork you purchase can be worn and cherished for years to come.

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Our range of handmade gifts and ceramic jewellery products

Our design inspiration comes from nature and how we make sense the natural world around us. 


Natural world collection

Nature creates patterns and forms are so intriguing whilst being highly tactile. Likewise we translate these natural forms into our visually appealing and tactile handmade ceramic products. Whilst our use of glazes and decoration seeks to compliment and enhance what we have found in nature. On the other hand we may take a natural pattern and use it on a regular shape to provide an interesting contrast. 

Iris earrings handmade ceramic summer jewellery

Our Natural World products are created directly from items found in nature, and therefore are based upon items found while walking in the woods or from gardens. Nuts, wood, bark and other natural products are the inspiration for our handmade designs. Moreover our products aim recreate the essence of these natural forms in ceramic. This product range speaks to the world around us.

This range of products was inspired by the natural realm so we called it our Natural World Collection.

People react to the natural world through the creation of religious and secular symbols and icons. Indeed many of the ancient religious images show the inner strength of women and as a result form a core part of our product range. We hope you will find this strength reflected in our design and therefore find your inner strength through our products.

We have two product ranges inspired by the spirit of nature.

The Eternal Power collection

Eliziain Elements are celebrating strong women.

Beautiful ceramic jewellery for the journey Pergolizzi inspired

In particular we have generated jewellery and gift based on mythology and images. Also, we have incorporated imagery of strong women such singers, musicians and writers into our products. Click here to see what we have created.

The Spiritual collection

Religious symbols and icons are the inspiration for this collection of products.

Hamsa hand wall plaque ethnic inspired gift

There are is a never ending range of images, icons and symbols that have been created to illuminate the spiritual and the unknown. We have incorporated only those images that resonant with the team at Eliziain Elements. We hope the speak to you and allow you to journey with a story conjured up by each piece. These images are much more than symbols they are attempts to confer meaning. The variety from the abstract to the ornate make our Spiritual Collection such a striking collection of jewellery. Click here to find out more.


The Selkie collection

Beautiful mermaid pendant handmade ceramic gift

This collection inspired by the sea and sea myths, and as a result shells and sea creatures play a major part in these designs. In addition, mythical creatures such as mermaids and selkies are also incorporated into the jewellery to tell the tales of the sea.

To reflect the mythology of the sea we call this range of products our Selkie Collection.

Season of the year collection

We have created a range of products that suit the seasons of the year. Bright colours, flowers and butterflies for summer. Orange and brown leaves for autumn.

Summer collection

Blue butterfly on terracotta clay pendant with yellow necklace

We have created a colourful and vibrant collection to go with your latest summer outfit.

Click here to see our summer collection.

Autumn Collection

As the leaves start to fall and the temperature drops we have created a collection of jewellery and gifts for autumn

Handmade ceramic acorn earring set

Winter collection

We have created a range of Christmas decorations and gifts for the winter months. Celebrate with our Christmas range. 

Red handmade ceramic Christmas decorations

Christmas Gifts

Blue snowfake and Christmas tree handmade ceramic decorations 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But do you have problems find gifts that are unique? 

We have created our own Christmas collection to provide you with handmade decorations, jewellery and our extra special Christmas gnomes. 


At Eliziain Elements we make a wide range of jewellery products. Here are sample of them:

Handmade Earrings

Handmade Bracelets

Handmade necklaces

Where to buy our handmade gifts and products


Etsy logo to find Eliziain Elements shop

We sell our products through our five star rated Etsy store. Our products are shipped directly from our UK-based studio. 

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Handmade gifts showing building process of to make jewellery

Find out more about how we make our products

We use a smooth clay to produce our products as this allows for the creation of fine details. The clay is dried and put in for a bisque firing that turns the clay into ceramic. At this point the product is ready for glazing. At Eliziain Elements we use commercially purchased glazes as a result you can be certain they are safe and will not interact with your skin. In the main we used Mayco, Botz and Duncan glazes. After that the product is then fired for a second time  in the kiln to turn the glaze into a glossy glass surface.  Finally we then attach components to make up the jewellery item. We always use nickel free components in our products. See our making process in the images below. 

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