Handmade Christmas Gifts

Handmade ceramic Christmas gifts
Gifts to treasure

Red handmade ceramic Christmas decorations

Handmade ceramic Christmas decorations. All products are handmade and hand glazed to create a unique product. 

Handmade ceramic Christmas gifts

Christmas is such a special time of celebration and giving. But were do you find handmade gifts and decorations to treasure? Many gifts at this time of year are generic or made to be thrown away.

At Eliziain Elements we thought that enough is enough. We wanted unique, characterful Christmas gits. That is why we have created our own range of handmade ceramic Christmas gifts. From tree decorations to wall plaques through to our range of unique Christmas gnomes there is a gift for everyone in the family. 

Everything we sell has been designed and manufacturer in our UK study. Each item is hand glazed so you gift will be a one off and completely unique.

Handmade Christmas decorations

Navy blue handmade Christmas decorations

Navy blue and white handmade Christmas decorations.  

Gingerbread man handmade ceramic decoration

Gingerbread men handmade decoration.

Hare Christmas decoration handmade ceramic

Hare Christmas decoration. Handmade ceramic gift.

Blue Christmas tree decoration handmade

Blue handmade Christmas tree decoration.

At Eliziain Elements we have created a selection of Christmas decorations. Each one is handmade and glazed in our UK studio so your gift will be unique. We are constantly updating our designs and product range so why not pop across to our Etsy shop to see what we have on sale now.

Blue snowfake and Christmas tree handmade ceramic decorations

Christmas Gnomes

Had enough of Christmas elves? Why not take a look at our characterful Christmas gnomes. Each one is individually handmade and completely unique. 

These characterful little fellows always appear in the studio at Christmas. They are handmade from ceramic and individually glazed to create a range of characters. As with the Christmas decorations we are constantly updating our designs and product range so why not pop across to our Etsy shop to see what we have on sale now.

Personalised gnomes

Personalised handmade ceramic gnome in your favourite football team's colours

Little did we realise when we designed the Christmas gnome range that our customers would want them customised in their favourite football team’s colour. So after creating a few sets we now offer the ability to customise your gnome. What ever design you would like get in touch with our team and we will be happy to discuss creating a set of personalised gnomes for you. This would make a unique present for any sports fan in the family.

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