Ethnic Jewellery

Ethnic Jewellery created by Eliziain Elements

Our ethnic jewellery is inspired by the wide range and variety of patterns. Furthermore these images can vary in their usage around the world. We take these image into the studio to inspire our creativity. Hence we sometimes incorporate a patterns to embellish a product or at other times use the image form to create a feature item. Find out more about our ethnic inspired jewellery below.

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The Spiritual Collection

Spiritual page banner with Tao Te Ching quotation ethnic jewellery

There are a never ending range of images, icons and symbols that have been created to represent the spiritual and the unknown. At Eliziain Elements we enjoy researching these many and varied images. Our products incorporate images that resonate, and as a result they inspire our creativity. Similarly, we hope they speak to you and allow you to journey with a story conjured up by each piece.

These images are much more than symbols. They are attempts to confer meaning of the world around us. Given the complexity of our world hence there is a wide variety of images from the abstract to the ornate. Consequently, our Spiritual Collection makes such a striking collection of jewellery.

Our Spiritual Inspired Products

Scarab beetle

The scarab is an important symbol in ancient Egyptian religion. This beetle was considered  the manifestation of the early morning sun, Khepri. As a result the god Kepri’s name was written with the scarab hieroglyph. The Egyptians believed the sun was a golden disc. For this reason it was believed Khepri rolled the disk of the morning sun over the eastern horizon at daybreak.

The scarab hieroglyph has represented the ideas. These include ideas of existence, manifestation, development, growth, and effectiveness. As result of the wide meaning of the scarab image the representation of the beetle was a favourite image for amulets across all periods of Egyptian history.

Tree of Life

Tree of life pendant ethnic jewellery

The Tree of Life can be thought of as your own cosmic family tree. Telling the ancient stories of your shared roots which link you to the past, along with showing your connected struggles and aspirations in the present. Similarly it also represents your desire to grow and reach your potential; as a tree reaches for the light.

The Tree of Life crosses all cultures.  The symbolism embraces all stage of the the tree’s growth:

  • the sprouting seed,
  • growing into a trunk and
  • branching off, sending out smaller branches and little twigs, to see what they may be accomplish. 

As a consequence the Tree became a common symbol of life, ancestry, mythology, history, lineage, and hope for the future. 

The Eternal Power Collection

Goddess Egyptian eternal power collection banner with Woolf quotation

The Eternal Power collection is a collection of jewellery inspired by images and symbols that show the strength of women and goddesses. In most cases women are seen as the source of much strength and stability. Consequently, it is not surprising that many female images exit within mythologies or religions from around the World. She may inspire you, she may protect you, the goddess provides life to the Earth.

Eliziain Elements has therefore been inspired by the wonder and power of female images. Hence we have created a range of striking jewellery that forms the Eternal Power collection.

Eternal Collection Products

A new range of products are on the way. Please come back soon. 

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