The Eternal Power collection

The Eternal Power Collection for strong women

The Eternal Power Collection for strong women

The Eternal Power collection is a collection of jewellery and gifts for strong women. With this in mind the collection is inspired by images and symbols that show the strength of women and goddesses. Similarly we have also sought inspiration from strong women such the singer Laura Pergolizzi or writers like Virginia Woolf.

Women are the source of much strength and stability. Indeed, we see more and more of this inner strength in these uncertain times. As a result, it is not surprising that many images exit within mythologies or religions from around the World. She may inspire you, she may protect you, the goddess provides life to the Earth.

Eliziain Elements has therefore sought to bring the wonder and power of female images into a range of striking jewellery. Consequently, strong women ethos underpins the Eternal Power collection. Hence we say it is only for strong women.

Beautiful ceramic jewellery for the journey Pergolizzi inspired

As a woman I have no country,

as a woman I want no country,

as a woman is the whole world.

Virginia Woolf

Our products in the Eternal Power collection
For strong women

Our handmade ceramic focus piece pendants and necklaces make striking items of jewellery. Moreover, as a statement piece or to compliment an outfit we feel you will love to wear these necklaces again and again. Additionally, we have also created a complimentary range of gifts for the home.

Be you bravely handmade ceramic plaque
Hope is never lost handmade ceramic pendant necklace
For the journey pendant handmade ceramic inspired by strong woman Laura Pergolizzi

Find out more about our Eternal Power range

If you want to find out more about our inspirations then click here to read more.

Similarly we would love to hear your thoughts about our products, or if you have any specific needs for a gift then please fill in our contact form.


Finally, if you like our strong women products please pop over to our Etsy shop. We update our products on a regular basis so there will always be something new to see. 

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