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Designing ceramic jewellery

As a ceramicist and ceramic jewellery maker my products offer the buyer the aesthetics and beauty you would associated with handmade products. My work seeks to combine these aesthetics  with the functionality and durability, thus providing a wearable piece of art. I always aim to create a product that is going to be worn and cherished for years to come.

When looking at products online I end up thinking about their weight, size, durability etc. I have done this for as long as I have been making jewellery but never more so than now I have turned my hand to ceramics.  How heavy something might be is particularly pertinent to  items such as earrings. Something that is too heavy will not be worn often because it is uncomfortable.

As a jewellery designer ideally I am looking for a number of key things in my creations:

  • the most important consideration is that my customers should wear my products with as much love as they were made, and;
  • my products will be gifted with love, whether that is to oneself, a loved one or a special person – each item must convey that love.

At the heart of everything I produce is the feeling of love and specialness, hence the slogan ‘always made from the heart’ which, incidentally, was coined by my eldest daughter who is 11.

Always made from the heart

Even at her young age, our daughter understands that you will only achieve your best when your heart is in what you are doing. Eliziain Elements was founded on that guiding principle. I wanted to provide an alternative to shop bought, mass-produced products. I already knew that the items I made previously were wearable and put together well. There is nothing worse than spending hard-earned money on jewellery to have it fall apart the first time you wear it. All that I required was to find that element of personalisation, my artistic stamp. This opened up when I discovered my love of ceramics and I quickly realised that the possibilities are endless. This is why Eliziain Elements focuses on ceramic jewellery.

Design inspirations for our ceramic jewellery

From Indian inspired items, to the natural world and realm of the fantastical, clay is the most amazing and versatile medium. I am never happier then when I can shut myself away and create.  As I work with clay the ideas often just flow – it is organic and inspiring way to work. We can learn just as much from what goes wrong as we can from what goes right.

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I will wake up at 5am (or sometimes earlier) with an idea for a piece of ceramic jewellery. I quickly have to jot down then try to go back to sleep!

Eliziain Elements – products that tell a story

Quite often customers say that my ceramic jewellery speaks to them and tells a story. As an artist and individual who has always appreciated this intimacy in works of art this is both flattering and satisfying. This communication was never particularly intentional on my part but the right item ‘spoke’ to the right person to buy it – there is alchemy somewhere in that.

Take for example crystals and crystal healing. For a number of years now I would often find certain crystals or semi-precious stones drawing me in. I can categorically say with my hand on my heart, that each and every one of these has held a very strong meaning for me. It always amazes me when I discover what they represent and how their healing properties help the emotional state I find myself in when I was initially attracted to them.

Red Jasper, Double-Pointed Quartz Crystal, Amethyst, Chrysocolla,  Citrine and Rainbow Aura Quartz to name but a few. These stones ‘spoke’ to me in much the same way even though I knew nothing about them when I first came across them. This, to me, is fascinating.

Final thought

Yes, I would love it if everyone bought my items but I know that this is unlikely. There will be those people who don’t get ‘it’ and there will be those for whom my work speaks. It is those people who will see the true value in what I am trying to achieve. Somewhere in between there will be those customers who may have a secret urge to venture further away from their comfort zone. For those people I wish to provide a halfway house. Some of our products take the essence of my unusual and original designs and hint at those aspects. Thus having the Eliziain Elements character whilst still being accessible and not ‘too far out’.

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It would be great to hear your comments and thoughts about our ceramic jewellery, and what inspires you to create.


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