Ethnic jewellery

Indian Goddess Pendant - Indigo

The Spiritual Collection

There are is a never ending range of images, icons and symbols that have been created to illuminate the spiritual and the unknown. We have incorporated only those images that resonant with the team at Eliziain Elements. We hope the speak to you and allow you to journey with a story conjured up by each piece.

These images are much more than symbols they are attempts to confer meaning. The variety from the abstract to the ornate make our Spiritual Collection such a striking collection of jewellery.

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New range of romantic products

As we said in the last post Eliziain Elements had started work on our new romantic products range. Now we have finished the firing we can highlight our new products. This includes our first product that can be fully personalised.

Personalised postcard of love

Write your own message to create a unique present.

Our ceramic wall plaque that has been designed with a blank postcard pattern to allow you to personalise this product your way. The personalised message will be fired onto the glaze and is permanent.

When you write your thoughts in a card the words are hidden inside. We thought it would be great to show the your words and save them forever. What could be more romantic?

Romantic Products

We have also created a range of romantic products for men and women.

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Our designer felt that there is very little on offer for men and this led to the cuff link design. We have also created romantic jewellery for women that is s...

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Personalised products – under wraps!

We have started work on our new personalised products range. Once we've finished making these products you will be able to send in your words to be added to a postcard plaque. We have also started to make a range of Valentine's day products for men and women.

New personalised products for Valentines Day

You know the phrase waiting for paint to drying, it's similar with clay. Just need to wait for clay dry out completely. Not easy in this cold weather as the studio takes time to warm up. But to ensure uniform drying and minimise cracking we cover the handmade pieces with film.

Next for a bisque fire in the kiln.

We'll keep you updated on progress. Fingers crossed that the kiln Gods are smiling.

The glazed product will be ready for your words. Eliziain Elements personalised products.

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Ethnic patterns – how did a dress inspire my designs?

Ethnic patterns: I remember it vividly – being a chubby 8 year old who didn’t really fit into many clothes made for children of my age – so finding something that not only fitted but made me feel good was like hitting the jackpot.
A paisley dress
The dress was a mix of purples and blues with a bit of white. I still to this day do not know where my mother got it from. Fitted around the chest with a pretty yolk and long sleeves, from there it just floated out; perfect to cover my pre-pubescent lumps and bumps. It was made of cheesecloth paisley pattern complete with little gold bells on the yolk ties.This was the dress that started my love of ethnic patterns. I adored it and wore it whenever I could but never to school as I did not want to get it ruined. My primary school didn’t have a uniform which was kind of cool, as an adult I think this was a throw back to the 1960/70’s trend for allowing children to have some freedom.
 A love of ethnic patterns
That dress was the ...
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Eliziain Elements – Ceramic jewellery design ethos

Bisque fired buff clay jewellery components
Design approach blog banner
Designing ceramic jewellery
As a ceramicist and ceramic jewellery maker my products offer the buyer the aesthetics and beauty you would associated with handmade products. My work seeks to combine these aesthetics  with the functionality and durability, thus providing a wearable piece of art. I always aim to create a product that is going to be worn and cherished for years to come.When looking at products online I end up thinking about their weight, size, durability etc. I have done this for as long as I have been making jewellery but never more so than now I have turned my hand to ceramics.  How heavy something might be is particularly pertinent to  items such as earrings. Something that is too heavy will not be worn often because it is uncomfortable.As a jewellery designer ideally I am looking for a number of key things in my creations:
  • the most important consideration is that my customers should wear my products with as much love as they were made, and;
  • my products will ...
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Farnham pottery visit – our story of green glaze

Farnham pottery courtyard
Farnham pottery signageFarnham Pottery was originally built in the Victorian era to manufacture agricultural and sanitary ware but eventually became home to a nationally important art pottery. It is most famous for A Harris & Sons and designer W H Allen who worked on this site from around the turn of the century until 1943. The pots made at Farnham pottery were sold at Heals and Liberty. The company was widely known for its 'owl jugs' which were produced up to the 1950s. We found our own owl on the lintel to this passageway.Farnham pottery owlHarris was asked to copy a French vase. After much experimentation he managed to produce an acceptable facsimile using a lead glaze made green by the addition of copper oxide. Once Harris had found a signature glaze this allowed the pottery to grow into an art pottery.At Eliziain Elements we have gone through a similar voyage of discovery to find a range of glazes. We've had dull glazes, crackles, runs etc. in the process of finding our design theme. One glaze that we return to...
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