About us

“Always made from the heart” – Eliziain Elements was created to provide customers with unique and very personal jewellery and ceramic products. Everything is designed and produced to have a feeling of love and specialness – hence our slogan ‘always made from the heart’. We believe that the best products are only produced when your heart is in what you are designing. This is the founding principle of our business.

Always made from the heart

Eliziain Elements – Always made from the heart

At Eliziain Elements we wanted to provide an alternative to shop bought, mass produced products. Visit our shop to see more our products, or if you prefer we have an Etsy shop as well.

Elizabeth our jewellery designer

From Jhkuma earrings, Indian-inspired items, to the natural world and realm of the fantastical, clay is the most amazing and versatile medium. I am never happier than when I can shut myself away and create. As I work with the clay the ideas often just flow – it is an organic and inspiring way to work. We can learn so much from what goes wrong (which you will never see!) as we can from what goes right. I will wake up at 5am with an idea for a piece of jewellery which I have to quickly jot down then try to get back to sleep.

There are millions of amazing jewellery designers out there but there is only one of me. My sincere hope is that people find beauty and inspiration in the creations I make; that these items bring happiness and years of wear.  I want my products to be something you will love and treasure.