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Handmade Jewellery
Always made from the heart

Beautiful ceramic jewellery for the journey Pergolizzi inspired

"Always made from the heart"

Handmade jewellery is what Eliziain Elements  is all about. 

We created Eliziain Elements to provide customers with unique and very personal handmade jewellery and ceramic products. Our design ethos is to produce everything to have a feeling of love and specialness – hence our slogan ‘always made from the heart’. We believe that the best products are only produced when your heart is in what you are designing. This is the founding principle of our business.

We design and produce our products in our UK studio. All of our products are created from raw clay, moulded and sculpted into the for we desire, then fired in the studio kiln. Once fired the products are glazed by hand to give a uniqueness that makes every product individual. 

Everything we sell at Eliziain Elements is designed and manufactured by our studio team. Our jewellery is handmade in the UK. 

Most of our designs start with a stamp or mould that provides an interesting pattern or relief. The items is then hand built using a smooth clay. We then design the fitting and mounting arrangement to create a piece of jewellery. 

A few days on the drying shelf is enough to ensure the items is ready for the bisque firing. We fire our products to a temperature where the clay has turned completely into ceramic and the component is durable. This firing has to be taken slowly to prevent pieces cracking during the transition form clay into ceramic. 

The next step is to apply glazes to the piece. We sometimes use underglazes to create strong patterns or to bring out the texture in the component. Otherwise we will apply a top glaze that will create colour and a glossy finish. The development process to find the right glaze is laborious and can be frustrating. Even a change in the weather can alter the look of the final component. 

See our process in the slider below. Every product is lovingly handmade and twice fired in our studio kiln.


Our Team

Our jewellery designer creates all of our products to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. 

Eliziain Elements aim to provide handmade ceramic jewellery alternative to the high street.

“Always made from the heart”

Eliziain Elements was created to provide customers with unique  jewellery and ceramic products. We want you to love your Eliziain Elements product and to cherish it for years to come.

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