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“Always made from the heart”  

We created Eliziain Elements to provide our customers with unique and very personal ceramic jewellery and products.

All the jewellery and ceramic products we sell have been designed and produced to have a feeling of love and specialness. As a result we came up with our slogan ‘always made from the heart’. We believe that the best products are only produced when your heart is in what you are designing. This is the founding principle of our business.

Fired jewellery products


Our jewellery designer creates all of our products to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. Eliziain Elements aim to provide handmade ceramic jewellery alternative to the high street.
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"Always made from the heart”
Eliziain Elements was created to provide customers with unique jewellery and ceramic products. We want you to love your Eliziain Elements product and to cherish it for years to come.

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Please visit our Eliziain Elements Etsy shop.
Our shop contains an extensive range of handmade ceramic jewellery along with other unique ceramic products.
All made by the team at Eliziain Elements.

Ceramic Jewellery Portfolio

For the journey pendant


Nan pendant


Scarab necklace


Mermaid's tail pendant

Mermaid tail necklace


Asymmetric shell earrings

Shell earrings


Tree of life pendant

Tree of life pendant


Our Team

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Meet the team behind Eliziain Elements


Star earring set
Bespoke designs

Can't find the exact product you are looking for? Tell us what you require and we can design a product to match your needs.

As our products are handmade from ceramic they will require two firings. First firing to create the ceramic followed by a glazed firing to produce our unique finish.
Please remember to contact us with enough time to produce you bespoke product.

Mum pendant

OK you want a gift for your mother but this year your looking for something different. At Eliziain Elements we have created range of mother's day products to be cherished. Our product range includes personlised items, to allow you to say exactly want you think of your mother.

Ceramic handmade Christmas decoration

From gnomes to decorations we have a range of products for the big day.

Ceramic postcard handmade from ceramics

Do you want to give a unique present to that special person in your life? Tells what to say and we can produce personalised products to order.

All our products are handmade and will require two firings to create the Eliziain Elements unique finish.
Please contact us with enough time to produce any product for you.

Hand building process of to make jewellery

Our team has experience designing projects for children and adults to start making with clay. Our in-house jewellery designer works in local schools and helps out with art projects.

Unique red heart cuff links - gift for him
Father's day

We know, it's normally the hardest day of the year to buy for. Slippers or a hanky just won't do. Let us solve you gift Father's Day problems.

We have created a range of products especially for men. Have a look around and to find that unique gift for father's day.

Our ceramic jewellery

At Eliziain Elements our inspirations come from the natural world, the spiritual world and from stories and myths. 

Hand building process of to make jewellery

Find out more about how we make our products

We use a smooth clay to produce our products as this allows for the creation of fine details. The clay is dried and put in for a bisque firing that turns the clay into ceramic. At this point the product is ready for glazing. At Eliziain Elements we use commercially purchased glazes as a result you can be certain they are safe and will not interact with your skin. In the main we used Mayco, Botz and Duncan glazes. After that the product is then fired for a second time  in the kiln to turn the glaze into a glossy glass surface.  Finally we then attach components to make up the jewellery item. We always use nickel free components in our products. See our making process in the images below. 

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Where to buy

Please come and see our five star rated shop on Etsy. Click here to visit our Etsy shop and see our range of products. Otherwise read our feedback in the testimonial section by clicking here.

Mermaid's tail selkie collection

Selkie Collection

At Eliziain Elements our inspirations come from the natural world, the spiritual world and from stories and myths.  Our Selkie collection is inspired by the myths and objects from the sea. Our jewellery incorporates seashells and mermaids to create a unique gift.  Click here to see our Selkie Collection

Blue scarab necklace ethnic Jewellery

Ethnic Jewellery

At Eliziain Elements our inspirations come from the natural world, the spiritual world and from stories and myths.  There are is a never ending range of images, icons and symbols that have been created to illuminate the spiritual and the unknown. We have incorporated only those images that resonant with the team at Eliziain Elements. We hope the speak to you and allow you to journey with a story conjured up by each piece. These images are much more than symbols they are attempts to confer meaning. The variety from the abstract to the ornate make our Spiritual Collection such a striking collection of jewellery. To find out more click on the scarab necklace image.



Star earrings referenced in feedback

Natural World collection

The natural world around seems like it is full of an never ending source of patterns and images. Whether it is the woodland, heath, moor or river nature provides objects and motifs that are perfect to incorporate into jewellery. As a result our Natural World collection has been created using found objects to create texture. The way the clay and the glazes interact with the patterns we find is a constant source of inspiration. To find out more click here. 

Honeycomb necklace set

Summer Collection

Eliziain Elements are looking forward to the summer and have some exciting new products in our summer collection. We have products that are the essence of summer or others that match a summer outfit perfectly. So pop across to our shop to see what we have created.

Inside the kiln with handmade jewellery

Eliziain Element's Blog

The team at Eliziain Elements produce regular blog articles giving you insights into our design process and updates on new product developments. We also produce a quarterly newsletter. 


My petite star earings arrived today and they are even more beautiful than the picture shows. Thanks Liz, I will definitely order more of your beautiful pieces.

Star earrings referenced in feedback
Love the earrings! Thank you fr the prompt and safe delivery!
Star earrings referenced in feedback
Stunning earrings! I just had to snap these up when I saw them. They are quite a statement piece but also not as big as they look, so they can be worn with casual looks also. Wonderful work.Wonderful work.
Wing earrings referenced in feedback
Beautiful handmade earrings - super fast delivery. Would highly recommend.
Wing earrings referenced in feedback
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